Fox news poll 84% say bernanke needs to go

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by jnorty, Jan 22, 2010.

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    i and many on this board agree.this man has destroyed america by rewarding failure and indebting our country for decades with his easy money policies. ITS TIME FOR THE INSANITY TO END
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    How come it took this long for this to finally see what every actually thinks of bubble ben bernanke. Only a fucking fool would believe what he is doing is the right way to go about and fix this crisis. Here he is lying right to the public...

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  3. Facts, good or bad, doesn't matter. Look what "Brown" did for you. The idiots on the Hill now all want to snuggle up to the voters. So, it's flat out Populist rhetoric. Sorta like the townspeople, with torches and pitchforks, storming Dr. Frankenstein's castle. Whatever Bernanke did, right or wrong, is irrelevant. His crime? He was there. And we're here.

    Same thing with traders. Everybody is painted with the same brush. It will be a mad dash to paint segments of the economy as horrible evil. At least Obama can't lie anymore. He will, but no one will buy it.
  4. The FED should go!

  5. End the Fed!
  6. Good or bad, he prevented a total collapsed of the financial markets. There was no other way.
  7. Logic


    I'm with OptionPro on this one. At one point I was stocking up on hard currencies and weaponry. Now I'm not.
  8. Some news stories say he voted with Greenspan on all the bubble policies. Trying to fix a mess you helped make doesn't win a gold star.

    If the Fed in general has done such a good job over the years, why does it take 2 incomes in a household to barely make ends meet for so many families vs the 1950's. If they are just going to do whatever politicians ask for when they spend like drunk sailors, and keep inflating, why even have them? What's a dollar buy today vs. 1950?

    On the one hand. they say Americans don't save enough. On the other hand, you put a dollar in a savings account today and take out what 20 cents will buy you at retirement. Maybe they are actually giving you incentive to spend it now, but if you do, it's your fault.
  9. Prevented? Or postponed?
  10. Tide31


    For argument's sake, please detail what he has done wrong and what could have been done differently. There are a lot of comments that he is a moron, needs to go, etc... None of these sceptics choose to detail what it is they have a problem with?

    Decades? He has been involved with the Fed for 7 years since 2002. He has degree's from Harvard and MIT. He taught economics to MBA candidates at Stanford, NYU and Princeton. If there is a more qualified person to make decisions regarding economic forecasts and monetary policy at this level, please enlighten us whom that would be. He will be overwhelmingly approved for another term by 75%+. This rhetoric happens every time something like this comes up and we listen to people screaming, "he/she sucks". Tell us what he could have done better/differently, please, anybody?

    Is this the poll you were talking about? I voted 5 times. If you hit the back key you can vote as many times as you want, try it. Check the # of votes at the bottom and how it goes up by 1 each time you vote.
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