Fox news morons upset because school textbook called creationism a myth

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  1. this parent wants his kids to be as dumb as he is. most parents hope that their kids turn out smarter than they are. he wants to ban a textbook because it dares call creationism a myth.

    look at the expression of the fox news people,Barbie and Dullard. priceless.
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  3. Yep , I have a problem with that bullshit in a child's textbook too.
  4. for the love of god...

    can we let this last myth go
  5. No problem with calling creationism a myth, as long as men from monkeys by random chance also called a myth...
  6. c'mon even you know the two aren't even close in comparison.

    be reasonable, far far more evidence for evolution than creationism.
    (for those of us that see the utility to rationality) :D
  7. Lets let statistics show what is true.

    US used to be the best place on earth to get an education.

    Then they take the bible out of school.

    Kids start to get dumber and dumber every year despite throwing more and more money into the school system.

    Case in point. Look at all the atheists on their board. How many of them can hold a civilized converstation here without resorting to juvinile name calling? Its nearly impossible for them because they were taught that if you start to name call that two things will happen. You will demonize the people you are calling the names so that they feel embarrased and hopefully join your side and the second thing is people listening to the converstation, if they are weak, will not say anything for fear of being called a name and getting thrown into that group.

    So you really have to question these atheists. I mean if their weapon of choice is name calling and not pure intellect, that can only mean they have a weak leg to stand on and hope you dont notice.

    People would rather believe a lie and not be ridiculed than believe the truth and be mocked.
  8. Being reasonable is to detach and see that both creationism and random chance production of mankind are both steeped in mythology and lack of proof or fact.

    What is most illogical is that your position is that men made up the creation myth, but men didn't not make up the men from monkeys by random chance myth?

    Both are the product of human guesswork...

    The atheist explain everything away with the Godlike mysterious and magical force of "random unguided" things happening to create the universe, create life, mutate life, etc.

    It is just a story they tell, it is nothing even resembling some factual reporting.

    If you stick to factual reporting, there is no evidence of some magical random force doing anything near what the atheists attribute it to be...

    Just get real, and promote your story...but it is just a story and a myth until facts take it out of the realm of man's imagination...

    There is no evidence for this random force that is the cornerstone of the evolutionary myth.

    It could be programmed change for a purpose just as easily as it could be random meaningless change...

    Take away the anti God position and just stick with the facts, and the fact is that we don't know, so stop the guessing and proselytizing of your religion on the masses...

    Bottom line it:

    1. There is no known fact of causation.
    2. Lacking known fact of causation doesn't mean that there is no causation, or that unplanned unguided random forces shaped our universe.

    Truly, if you were to think deeply about all of this (won't happen, you are not a deep thinker) there is no logical foundation for the perpetuation of the universe or even the flow of evolution if the primary force driving evolution is randomness, and it is just as likely that some "mutation" would have come along and destroyed all forms of life, if not even the entire universe.

    Science looks for constants and builds on those, the ability to test and predict on the basis of those constants.

    Randomness that causes change?

    No constant force, no ability to predict, no ability to test this so called force, no mathematical equation of the so called force of randomness...

    Yet presented as science?

    Poppycock, foolishness, man's ego driven to think he understands by making up a God of randomness who willy-nilly just produces change for no reason and no causation?.

    Modern science has most people conned, as they make this first assumption and build their house of straw saying "it is the best model."

    Laughable, truly laughable...

  9. another nail in the myth of creationism.

    Human fossil discovery -- evidence of new Homo species
    Published: Friday, April 9, 2010 - 08:39 in Paleontology & Archaeology
    Two partial skeletons have been discovered in the cave deposits in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site near Johannesburg, in the Republic of South Africa by members of the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. The human fossils, close to 2 million years old, have been classified as a new species: Australopithecus sediba. Australopithecus means "southern ape" and Sediba, taken from the local South African language seSotho means "natural spring, fountain or wellspring".

    The findings represent some of the most significant scientific discoveries of recent years and were published today in the scientific journal Science.
  10. If you let statistics show what is true, please include all changes in US educational system from when it "was the best" to today.

    Taking the Bible out of school is not the reason for the problem.

    Parents not living the values of the Bible would be a much stronger argument.

    Why won't the right wing take personal responsibility on this matter?

    Do they really think the family and actively involved parenting is not more powerful in shaping the lives of their children than public institutions?

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