Fox News lies, falsely claims SC Primary is closed

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  1. I usually don't even blink when Fox News lies. However, I find this instance particularly egregious because apparently, Fox News is trying to discourage Independents (who of course come out strong for Ron Paul) from showing up at the polls in SC.

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    A lie is one thing, but a lie (by a national news organization) that attempts to affect the outcome of a democratic election, in my mind, is a criminal act. Fox News proves, yet again, they are far and away the scum of the airwaves....unless of course you believe they honestly did not know the SC primary was which case they are totally incompetent. Personally, I'd have a hard time believing the latter...they know exactly what they are doing.
  2. WOW !!!

    You know they did that shit on purpose too
  3. You are a conspiracy nut. The guy who stated that the primary was closed used to work for a democrat. He obviously misspoke. I am not defending Fox News; however, they have probably covered Ron Paul more than any major news organization.
  4. I usually try to give the benefit of the doubt but in this instance I simply cannot.
  5. I guess you didn't watch the whole clip because BOTH so called experts stated the SC primary was closed. It's one thing to cover a candidate but it is another thing entirely to purposely try to get voters who might select Ron Paul to stay home. That is anathema to a functional democracy and given the track record of Fox News (remember, they went to court and proved they had the right to lie to the public), I feel confident in my assertion.

    Your explanation/defense attempt of Fox News misses the mark...and is far more akin to a "conspiracy theory" based on approximately half the facts.
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    I just must say here that you are completely full of shit.

    Feel sorry for your wife or gf.
  7. And your perfect record of entering a thread and failing to add to it in any substantive way is still...intact. Congratulations, troll.
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    I actually added possibly the only fact in this pathetic thread.
  9. If you've added such a tried and true "fact", then why do you add the caveat "possibly"?

    You know what, I feel like I'm picking on a third grader right now. Do me a favor 3770HMS, you made the claim that I was full of shit so don't stop there. Tell me why I am full of shit. Prove to me that Fox News didn't actually go to court and argue they had the right to lie to the public. Explain why I'm full of shit when I apply that fact to this particular instance where two Fox News "experts" (lol) falsely claim the SC primary is closed, during a segment that was devoted to talking about the independent vote, SC and the candidates (and just a few days before voting commences in SC).

    Come on man, you cannot be this brain dead. I refuse to believe it.
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