Fox News is lame as hell

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  1. Recently Chris Wallace called the White House "the biggest bunch of crybabies he ever knew" (or something like that).

    Last Sunday Obama went on 5 shows (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and Telemundo (this one is lol) people at fox cannot seem to understand why he did not want to do a show on fox.

    Maybe it has something to do with having not one but two people (Beck&Hannity) whose sole purpose is to trash Obama, slander his background, make him look like an extremist/socialist/fascist/communist/terrorist/someone who hates america. This is way beyond having a "conservative point of view" and attacks Obama as a person(in a low way) and not his policies. O'Reilly at least tries to keep a facade of objectivity and his anti Obama outlook is more carefully camouflaged. Fair and balanced my ass.
  2. Everyone knows perfectly well why he won't go on.
  3. Who is "everyone". Fox is not objective. Did Olbermann ever devote his whole program to pointing out that W was a degenerate alcoholic until his forties and his librarian wife killed someone in an accident? If KO did it every day I during his program at the time W was president I would say Fox is no worse but I know that neither Matthews nor Olbermann would stoop to that level while fox has 2 full time douchebags doing exactly that.
  4. Fox News kills the other cable news channels year in and year out and their is no stopping it. They offer better content and explore both sides of the issues. Its that simple.

    Obama is scared to go on Fox because he knows he is going to be asked the tough questions that other news sources are scared to ask.
  5. Obama is doing Fox News a favor. People are increasingly sick of the mainstream media's fawning over this guy. Fox News is the only net with any credibility to much of the country.
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    Still waiting for Chris Wallace to wag his finger in W's face and scold him for failing to catch bin laden.
  7. faux news has credibility??? Must be with the birthers and wingnuts only.
  8. Will you please post some MSM news articles on the ex-resident truther?
  9. Oy vey...

    At first I thought you just played an idiot on the internet...

    Now I am convinced that you are not acting like an idiot at all, it is not an act.

    ...and because American Idol dominates the ratings wars, that means it is the best show on TV...

    I can't even think of a word to described how flawed and illogical your thinking is...

  10. Fox News Iraqi correspondent below:

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