Fox News Has Top 13 Out of 15 Shows In Cable News. CNN & MSNBC Ratings Pathetic.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc822, Feb 2, 2010.

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    Most people believe in angels. Therefore there are angels.
  3. The Fox News dominance continues. Most Watched. Most Trusted. The score has been tallied, the verdict is in, the winner has been announced.
  4. 60% of cast on CNN is black...

    no asians, no latinos, some whites and very few indians

    The above quote was another thread.

    Any thoughts of white flight?
  5. Cnn has Rick Sanchez, Betty Nguyen.
  6. ....but do you watch any of them?

    If so that may be a very sad existence.
  7. if fox has the best ratings its because most of the country is stupid

    if fox has bad ratings its because nobody is buying their crap because the country is not stupid.

    everybody has there own reality i guess..:)
  8. It would also seem that most cable tv viewers believe that CNN and MSNBC wreak of flatulence, therefore,.............
  9. No...The question is do you watch any of the shows that the OP referenced?

  10. Oh... is that why the GLENN BECK SHOW was CANCELLED?
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