Fox News Finishes Week #1 In All Of Primetime Cable!

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  2. Fox is dumbed down "newsy" television. It appeals to a wide audience rather than a thinking one. It offers predigested "food" to people either too lazy or too stupid to chew. Any "news" network that would air Beck or Hannity isn't in it for the integrity, let alone dignity.
  3. Yeah, but they're RIGHT WING NUT JOB WHACKOS!!... and always telling lies.
  4. If you say so.
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    and msnbc is or the guests on cnn?
  6. People know the truth when they finally hear it.
  7. Are you on lithium?

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    If your finished with your OPINION I know of a house fly that would like to lay it's eggs on it.
  9. The moron types think American Idol is fine art because of the ratings...

    ...they also bought Cabbage Patch Dolls, Pet Rocks, bought all the albums of one hit wonders of the 80's and 90's, eat processed cheese, among other lower class activities...
  10. What is known is the ratings.

    Whether one network or the other actually is a news network, not a news and primarily opinion network is a different issue entirely.

    Ratings are all about being able to sell advertising, they have no connection to the truth of a situation.

    My guess is that people who think ratings reflect reality are the same one who are buying in at the top of rallies and selling at the bottom of declines...

    Popular opinion is nearly always wrong. Herd mentality and lemming nature is a way of life on the left side of the bell curve.

    If it was wrong when CNN was most popular, then it is still wrong if Fox news is now most popular.

    To those who think, the ratings are meaningless...

    To the non thinkers, it is like high school kids at a pep rally saying "we're number one."

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