Fox News donates to Republican while suing his Dem. opponent

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  1. Fox News has sued the Democratic candidate for Senate from Missouri, saying an ad her campaign started airing this week infringes on the network's copyright and compromises the network's "objectivity."

    Democratic nominee Robin Carnahan's ad consists mostly of a four-year-old clip from Fox News showing her Republican rival, Rep. Roy Blunt, being aggressively questioned by Fox host Chris Wallace over the senator's ties to lobbyists.

    The Hollywood Reporter states that in a lawsuit filed on Wednesday in a US District Court in Missouri, Fox News accused Carnahan of airing a "smear ad" against Blunt. The network reportedly said the ad was meant to imply that Fox News is backing Carnahan.

    The lawsuit (PDF) also claims an "invasion of privacy" against Wallace, because his image was "appropriated" for the ad.

    Fox's lawsuit "is an apparent escalation of such fair use battles," reports Ryan J. Reilly at TalkingPointsMemo.

    "This is the only case that I know of where a broadcast news organization has sued a political campaign over use of news footage in an ad," Copyrights & Campaigns blogger Ben Sheffner told Reilly. "There's been a number of disputes over this issue, but they never got to a court case, that I'm aware."

    Fox News donated to Blunt campaign before suing his opponent

    News Corp., the parent of Fox News, has donated more than $10,000 to the Senate campaign of Rep. Roy Blunt through its political action committee, including some $2,500 in the current election cycle, Sarah Pavlus reports at MediaMatters.

    The company evidently did not donate to Carnahan's campaign.

    Pavlus notes that Fox News Sunday has offered to host a debate between Blunt and Carnahan. "Where does the offer stand now that Fox News and FNS host Chris Wallace are suing the Carnahan campaign?" she asks.

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  2. In the liberal world, copyrights don't mean shit, as long as they're 4 years old.
  3. And since you have an interest in the Las Vegas Review Journal, I suggest you educate yourself a little more before stepping into more shit.

    Nevada Democratic Party hit with R-J copyright lawsuit
    By Steve Green
    Friday, July 9, 2010 | 4:50 p.m.

    The Democratic Party of Nevada was sued for copyright infringement Friday after Las Vegas Review-Journal stories allegedly were posted on its website without authorization this spring.

    The party was sued in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas by Righthaven LLC, a company that has partnered with the R-J to sue website owners over what the R-J calls copyright theft....
  4. LOL, You bought up the whole copyright nonsense calling it a liberal 'thing' and now reduced to defending against your own attack!
  5. You didn't answer my question.
  6. My response was to the story you posted and to your liberal "angle" of trying to paint FOX as some sort of villain. Angle had nothing to do with your story. Nice try though.

    Your little set up is just another lame attempt in which all you did was expose the whole NV democratic party.

    Well played, sir.
  7. I'm not defending my "own attack", oh wise one.

    I'm simply showing what an idiot you are for bringing it up.

    Well played, sir.
  8. LOL, you bought up the whole copyright nonsense painting it as a liberal thing ignoring the whole Fox News bias aspect of the article.

    Played and Missed, Sir. Again. Try Harder. :)
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