Fox News Climate Coverage 93% Wrong

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  1. This is my main beef with Fox News and the Murdoch network in general. Political opinion is one thing, lying about a science so critical to the future of mankind is quite another. It borders on criminal.

    Primetime coverage of global warming at Fox News is overwhelmingly misleading, according to a new report that finds the same is true of climate change information in the Wall Street Journal op-ed pages.
    Both outlets are owned by Rupert Murdoch's media company News Corporation. The analysis by the science-policy nonprofit Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) finds that 93 percent of primetime program discussions of global warming on Fox News are inaccurate, as are 81 percent of Wall Street Journal editorials on the subject.
    "It's like they were writing and talking about some sort of bizarre world where climate change isn't happening," study author Aaron Huertas, a press secretary at UCS, told LiveScience.
    "It's clear that we're not having a fact-based dialogue about climate change," Huertas added.........................................
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    Hottest record temps in the US.

    Collegeville Indiana summer of 1936, 116 on July 14.

    Illinois: The summer of 1954 brought extreme heat to Illinois, where the city of East Saint Louis saw the temperature rise to 117 degrees on July 14.

    Montana: 117 degrees has been reached in the Treasure State twice: July 20, 1893 in Glendive, Mont.; and July 5, 1937 in Medicine Lake, Mont.

    Utah: Its hottest temperature on record was set more recently -- 117 in St. George, Utah on July 5, 1985.

    Idaho: July 28, 1934 in Orofino, Id.

    Iowa: July 20, 1934 in Keokuk, Iowa.

    Missouri: July 14, 1954 in two cities: Warsaw and Union, Mo.

    Nebraska: July 15, 1934 in Geneva, Neb.; July 17, 1936 in Hartington, Neb.; and July 24, 1936 in Minden, Neb.

    Washington: July 24, 1928 in Wahluke, Wash.; and August 5, 1961 at Ice Harbor Dam, Wash.

    119 deg Oregon's recorded weather history -- on July 29, 1898 in the small town of Prineville

    120 deg Arkansas: August 10, 1936 in Ozark, Ark.

    120 deg Oklahoma: July 18, 1936 in Alva, Okla.; Aug. 10, 1936 in Poteau, Okla.; and twice at the Altus Irrigation Research Station in southwest Oklahoma -- on July 19, 1936 and Aug. 12, 1936.

    120 deg South Dakota: July 5, 1936 in Gann Valley, S.D.; and July 15, 2006 in Fort Pierre, S.D.

    121 deg

    -- on July 18, 1936 in Fredonia, Kan., and July 24, 1936 in Alton, Kan.

    July 1936 also brought extreme heat as far north as North Dakota, where the mercury reached 121 degrees on July 6 in Steele, N.D.

    122 degrees was recorded June 27, 1994 in New Mexico's southeastern corner at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

    Nevada's all-time high record temperature was recorded on June 29, 1994.

    Arizona's hottest temperature on record was 128 degrees on June 29, 1994.

    Death Valley 134 degrees on July 10, 1913
  3. So what is your point? That current world temps are not at record highs? That the world is not warming from CO2 released by man? You know, they use more than just a few cities in one country to determine world temperature readings. You do know that right? You do know that temps in the US are at record levels and rising at an accelerating rate and that the world's ice is melting right?

    Because if you don't know that, you are simply ignorant.
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    What I posted ARE the record US temps.
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    What I posted are the record US temps.
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    So what? You're gonna be a weather isolationist, too?
  7. Charts are so much better to get an overview of what's going on.


    Contiguous US temperature January-April 1895-2012: NOAA/NCDC
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    I notice the long term average, is a horizontal line.

  9. Notice anything else?
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