Fox News Cancels Freedom Watch

Discussion in 'Politics' started by achilles28, Feb 10, 2012.

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    Disturbing. Judge Napalitino was the only mainstream journalist I know of that made it his entire focus to expose the ongoing rape of our Constitution by the hand of Government. This is a huge loss for liberty, the Ron Paul movement and freedom lovers everywhere. :(

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  2. First, Glenn Beck. Now, Judge Napolitano. Bad day for feedom lovers in America.

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    Glen actually turned his game around towards the end. He covered FEMA camps, the NWO, supported Ron Paul, the gold standard etc.

    A mock civilian internment facility has gone up in Missouri. A solider who worked on the base took pictures and called in to the Alex Jones show. Apparently, foreign soldiers stationed at the camp (yes, foreign soldiers) are training US MP's on "mob control". The whole camp is surrounded by fencing with barbed wire, with shacks, surrounded by more barbed wire. There's a big sign photographed "mock internment facility". Shit is happening. KBR sent out rfq's to staff and support every FEMA camp in America within 24-72 hours, a few weeks ago. "Internment specialist" job postings went up on the US Army website about a month ago, or so. This all happened shortly after Obama signed the NDAA into law, which allows the indefinite military imprisonment of....American citizens......

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    Truthers can be stranger than fiction.
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    I hope they bring him back on the other evening shows more. I haven't seen them use him much since he got his weekend show.

    Everyone loves "da judge". He's very knowledgeable.