Fox News busted again selectively editing clips

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  1. Weeks after Sean Hannity was caught selectively editing a clip of President Barack Obama to paint him in a negative light, the Fox News channel has done it again.

    The latest clip, aired by Fox & Friends Tuesday, has the president appearing to say that he could not give tax cuts to the richest Americans.

    "It is an irresponsible thing for us to do. I can't give tax cuts to the top two percent of Americans..." Obama said before being cut off in mid-sentence by the morning show's editing.

    But in the full context, it's clear that the president said that he couldn't give tax cuts and lower the deficit at the same time.

    The Hill reported Obama's full quote as it aired on CNBC Monday.

    When asked if he would modify his position on the Bush-era tax cuts to only increase taxes on those making at least $1 million, President Obama on Monday said the country simply could not afford it.

    "I can't give tax cuts to the top two percent of Americans -- 86 percent of that going to Americans making $1 million or more -- and lower the deficit at the same time," he told CNBC. "I don't have the math."

    Fox News' Steve Doocy and Andrew Napolitano spent the remainder of the segment blasting Obama's tax policies.

    "It's theft," Doocy told Napolitano.

    "It is a form of theft," said Napolitano. "I mean, it presumes that the government decides how much of what we own and what we earn we'll be permitted to keep.

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  2. 377OHMS


    and what about Bob Woodward?

    Its a bit tough to conclude that Bob is slanting anything and what he is saying about the president and the administration is shocking. Total dysfunction.
  3. OMG, a news organization editing content to slant it towards their bias. This is a first. Never been done before. The horror!
    There's a pot and a kettle around here somewhere.
  4. Using the same logic, you shouldn't have any problems with the thugs at Wall Street, you know since everybody does it.
  5. When FOX starts editing clips of white people with guns to look like it's black people, then you might be on to something.
  6. It's the norm everywhere and has been for decades. To suggest otherwise is disingenuous at best. You can do better. It's another area of discussion we cannot have until all parties admit to their own bullshit.
  7. You dog you. Editing your post while I'm responding.:p
  8. Thats BS and you know it, nowhere does any other news networks come close to pulling off what Fox News does regularly. Ask me for examples if you are in doubt.
  9. I remembered your old posts about Wall Street thugs so added that in. :)
  10. It must burn when you pee?

    More People Watched Fox News Monday Than Obama Town Hall
    By Noel Sheppard
    Wed, 09/22/2010 - 10:13 ET

    The ratings are in for Barack Obama's televised town hall meeting on CNBC Monday, and they're pretty dismal.

    In fact, far more people watched the Fox News Channel's "Happening Now" with Jon Scott and Jenna Lee airing at the same time than tuned in to see what the President had to say.

    Potentially even more embarrassing, when you add in those that watched Obama in MSNBC's replay of the event later in the day, the total is still less than those that viewed Jon and Jenna at noon.

    Chris Ariens of TVNewser reported the numbers Tuesday:
    Early in his presidency, media members used to gush over how Obama drew the attention of the American people. They even used it as an excuse to cover him so much and put him on the covers of magazines.

    It appears less than two years into his first term, the bloom is off the rose.
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