Fox News banned footage of Ron Paul

Discussion in 'Politics' started by chewbacca, Jan 14, 2008.

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  2. What do you mean 'banned'? Did they cut a part of the debate? How many parts did they cut and do they do it more often.
    I did see no reason to cut it, he only speaks the truth..... Oh, wait...hmmm
  3. clacy


    I re-watched the S. Carolina debate on Fox last night and it was all there in it's entirety.

    I will say that I was less than happy to see the way Brit Hume treated Ron Paul by making fun of him. Romney made some smart ass comment as well, which got him some boos.

    Overall, I'm pretty pissed that even the Republicans seem to not want to talk about any of the tough choices we are going to have to make as a nation in the near future.

    Democrats just want to tax, tax, tax and spend it all.

    Republicans just want to cut taxes, borrow and spend it all.

  4. Very good summary.. very disappointing.
  5. And it's sad that Americans are collectively so politically naive that they cannot see this.

    "Government of the people, by the people, and for the people"... famous words and an inspiring thought... have been eroded to be nothing more than hollow history.

    Now, it's "government at the EXPENSE of the people.... and if you don't like it, TOUGH SHIT!!"
  6. RL8093


    Agreed. Both sides want to spend. Republicans all have plans to cut taxes but no one wants to cut spending. How do they balance their own checkbook?? Is there no electable candidate who is more than than an idiot cardboard facade trying to placate the masses?

  7. Brit Hume sold out years ago. He used to be a good reporter and seemed like a decent guy but now he's just a high paid shill for the republican party leadership, but not a reporter any more and no integrity.
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  9. also you got to remember that the population was a lot smaller back then too.

    just a thought
  10. Did Ron Paul Supporters Cross the Line?

    Monday , January 14, 2008
    By Brit Hume

    Fuzzy Math

    The town clerk of Sutton, New Hampshire incurred the wrath of Ron Paul supporters following last week's primary election. Jennifer Call tells the Concord Monitor she somehow ended up recording that Paul received no votes in her town out of the 920 cast. But by the next morning the mistake had been fixed, and Paul received credit for 31 votes.

    Call says over the next few hours she received about 40 calls from Paul supporters. Some falsely claimed they were media looking into a story about voter fraud. Others yelled she had committed treason. One said she should be shot. She also received enough calls at home that she locked her doors, unhooked her answering machine and requested an unlisted number.

    Of her experience with Paul supporters,

    Call says —

    "most of these people are not rational."


    Heck, I could have told Ms. call that...

    :D :D :D
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