Fox News At Again

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  1. In what must be the most despicable, unprofessional news article that I have ever read on Faux News... The front page of shows an article titled "Obama Gets 'Panther' Ok". They point to a public profile set up by somebody claiming to be a member of the New Black Panther Party who supports Barack Obama.

    Here's the problem- anybody can set up a profile and blog on the section of the website claiming support of Obama. There is no way to tell if this came from the 'black panther party', and even if it did, Obama's campaign has absolutely nothing to do with it, no control of it, and no knowledge of it when it is posted.

  2. So in other words you don't know if "the most despicable, unprofessional news article that you have ever read" is true or not.

    You're describing how it could be a ruse without knowing if that's a fact.

    Here is a fact. Rep. Bobby Rush of Chicago is a former Black Panther Party minister who Obama once opposed. Rush is now in the Obama camp.

    Here's another fact. Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan who's more racist than any Panther is a personal friend of Obama. So why would it be a surprise that the Panther's support Obama? Did you think they were Ron Paul followers?

    And BTW: The endorsement was real and was on Obama's site as early as March 6th. If not for the Wright brouha you can bet it would still be up.
  3. Geez it never stops with you left wingers claiming racism and bias where there isn't any. Fox News stated over and over again that the Obama campaign wasn't responsible for the endorsement and in fact removed it from their web page as soon as the campaign became aware of it. They even issued a copy of the Obama campaigns repudiation and refusal of the endorsement. Can't you see how you are being manipulated by the HuffPost into believing Republicans are somehow evil.

    Do you think the Black Panthers placing that item yesterday was a coincidence, of course not they were looking for publicity and new full well what would happen.

    You are an idiot.

    Do you honestly think if the Klan placed an endorsement on McCain's web page they would give that the same coverage.
  4. "Faux News." :D

    Weren't they the guys who were playing classical music in the background while showing video of the air raid on Iraq at the start of the invasion? Yes, they were. Idiots.
  5. Employing your style of logic:

    Fact: You are a known racist who is biased against black people based on your posts here at ET.

    Consequently anything you say about Obama is filtered through that racism, hence the well is poisoned by racism, and all that springs from it is racist, especially your post below...

    Which makes your argument nothing but the product of the entrails of a racist...

    Typical shit from Past his prime...

  6. Fox News, "We Make Trotsky Blush"
  7. Big Deal. What is the average of the black panthers now, maybe 65 or 70? Yes Faux news is very biased but everyone knows that, even the right admits their news coverage is slanted, at least Faux news is openly republican. Here's a list to help - Rush, Hanity, Faux News = Republican,
    Air America, Bill Moyer, Oberman = Democrat. My apologies to the nuts on both sides that I've left out.
  8. There's only one set of facts relevant to this thread.

    The official Panther's endorsed Obama.

    Their endorsement appeared on Obama's web site for almost two weeks.

    Fox reported the story. Accurately. They never said the endorsement was solicited nor welcome. The endorsement though was prominently displayed for almost two weeks.

    Draw your own conclusions about who's racist.
  9. My conclusion is that you are a racist.

  10. Second Coming. We don't need no stinkin' Second Coming.

    Cuz Everyday is Judgement Day on ET.:D
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