Fox News Airs "Magic Negro" Message On New Year's Broadcast

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ZZZzzzzzzz, Jan 2, 2009.

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  2. Can't be serious
  3. Repugnant.
  4. You misspelled Republican.
  5. bxptone


    What do you expect from people with shit for brains (Republicans).

    This is how people act who have NO MESSAGE other then we hate blacks, muslims, jews, anyone that doesn't look or act like us (Republicans). Gee, these type of people sound familiar, KKK? Luckily they were wiped out for the most part, only a matter of time until the Repulicant party finds the same fate.

    "Vote Republican, we sell our country out to the highest bidder, we use our troops as mercanaries and have them get killed for personal reasons that have nothing to do with DEFENDING America, we could careless about poor people even if they are American. And we have an underground culture of gay sex going on, where we like to pick up our teen congressional pages, and particularly like men in public bathroom stalls as well as gay chat rooms!"

    Seriously who the hell would vote for people like that?

    I guess Repulicants are a bunch of followers huh? Look just because ole Georgie likes it from the backside, doesn't mean you Republicans have play follow the leader, hide the salami, or whatever other sicko games you Republicans play behind close doors.
  6. ck out live chat log for more of ZZZ's man-love :D
  7. Sure they will. After a few years, the Democrats will get lazy again, just like they did in the days and years leading up to the Republican takeover in '94. Either part, after a number of years dominance, gets to feeling bullet proof. Then we vote them out. Then, a few years later, when the reform-party-of-the-moment is comfy and lazy again, we repeat the process.

    I've been voting for 30 years. Things rarely change, but my voting record certainly has. I've been, in order, a Democrat, Libertarian, Republican, Independent, and now a Democrat again.

    And there are a lot like me, strangely enough. In my test at, I come out to be 7.5 left, 7.28 Libertarian. That puts me slightly to the left of the Dalai Llama, and slightly more Libertarian than Ghandi. Strange company indeed.
  8. DWV


    The three best ways to ANNOY A LIBERAL:
    1. Work Hard
    2. Succeed
    3. Be Happy
  9. happy that you "worked" hard?

    "work" is slavery.

    the graveyards are lined with the hard-working.

    the broke. the losers. the dead.

    you bought that 'line'. now you proffer this BS on your kids and all else .

    stop making losers out your kids.

    don't live within your means.. that's loser philosophy.

    "make the means to LIVE!"

    THATS the credo!

    do you see the diff.
  10. Gee, that was dumb. Did you hear that from Hannity, Rush, or that blonde drag queen hater thingie? (what's her name? She's so vapid that I can barely recall her nearly masculine face.)
    #10     Jan 2, 2009