FOX , lie-brals just love to hate it.

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Which describes your view of Fox News and commentary?

  1. I like Fox News.

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  2. I'm a obama/chavez loving, freemarket hating,social justice loser, academic geek who hates Fox, and

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  3. I hate Fox News, and I wet my bed every night over their ratings.

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  1. Lets hear it for Fox news and their commentators.

    The only thing that causes more angst among the losers is talk radio.
  2. I have to take issue with you here.

    Truth ... pure truth ... causes them more angst.
    They hate the truth and they fear the truth.

    Now of course that is why they hate and fear FOX and certain talk radio shows.

    It is comical.

    One can almost find what libtards hate and ascertain that it is valuable.

    Conversly ... find what a lie-beral loves and one can discern it is corrupt, stupid and deadly for America.
  3. TGregg


    Another great thing about FOX is how it put the whole "biased media" discussion to bed. PreFOX, most every libtard out there held the very strong opinion that the MSM was fair and balanced, even though any honest observer could see otherwise.

    They do not make that claim any more. :)
  4. i don't know how anyone can stomach listening to their hawkish drivel.

    Don't you get sick of it day in day out? :confused:
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    Dont you get sick of the other 90 liberal news channels you can tune into day in and day out?
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    The best part is watching Liberals cry relentlessly about fox news, while fox's ratings go through the roof, based on the very same Liberals who choose to whine every day about the 1 station which we have as conservatives. If any of these liberals were smart they would quit crying relentlessly over one channel, but instead they choose to keep on boosting fox's ratings.
  7. i don't watch any liberal programming only...Stewart, Mathews, Oberman and Maddow.
  8. Let me guess , you are the kidd who got his ass kicked everyday because he wouldn't fight back?
  9. No, i'm Batman
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    HAHAHAHAHA Whats your point? so since you regularly watch 4 HARDCORE liberal media outlets and whine about 1 conservative one i am supposed to take you seriously?

    LOL i only watch one conservative program, only Oreilly, so you got me outmatched 4-1, i dont watch hannity, beck(i watch once a month as he repeats the same shit over and over), or limbaugh, but i still watch the ones you mentioned above, and i will admit to watching colbert at times as well, so what is your point?

    During the day i watch cnbc as i am a trader, but i would say cnbc is 50/50 there is no slant in cnbc. So i regularly watch 1 conservative program and you watch 4 liberal ones, what are you implying?

    LOL you admitted to "only" regularly watching the four most popular liberal media outlets in the U.S. and thinking that your opinion on fox news should be justified because of that.
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