Fox is getting annoying

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  1. Yep, it is. I do lean right fiscally but would call myself independent in general.

    Lately I am just getting so tired of all the glen beck doom and gloom, and various anchors just whining and complaining, everything is approached from a defensive angle. Its so annoying.

    I'm not even a fan of Obama but the anti Obama theme is getting tired.
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    You should get one of these, it'll change your life.

  3. Thats fancy! :)
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    Split your time watching MSNBC and it will balance itself out.
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    More than balance itself out.
  6. The mainstream media's 3+ year love affair with Obama was tired.

    It's only been a few months since everyone has realized they were duped by a teleprompter and a dream, and the MSM is finally catching on.

    Obama = worst president ever
  7. Obama may or may not be the worst president or whatever but I'm just saying that fox is in danger of becoming exactly what they they say msnbc is.
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    Well, I've gotta admit, I'm also tired of the Glen Beck gloom and doom as well. I agree with MUCH of what he says, but someone needs to send him a note that he's playing a broken record the way he's doing it.

    He should be out on the US/Mex borders reporting just why OUR border, and the mex towns directly across are considered the most dangerous places on Earth. Mexico trumps Iraq and Afghanistan in terms of lawlessness and violence... He could go on road trips pointing out in person what is wrong with America. THAT would be a something I'd tune in for. At this point, I can't handle Beck anymore.

    That goes for Hannity, and O'rielly as well. Seems to be the same ol' same ol' "we'll bitch about it, but let the people decide" kind of thing. The problem is the people are sheeple, and need to be "stirred up" by a lot more than talking heads sitting in the studios, bitching about the stuff we all bitch about. I'd recommend to Fox that they put more investigative reporters out there, and have the talking heads travel "the scene" of the event and report. When the people of America see up close and personal what Fox is trying to convey unfolding in front of their eyes, I believe more change would occur, and less people like me tuning out...

    And MSNBC? Lol! What a total bunch of leftist wackos! I don't want to even waste type on those shitbags!

    I've gotta admit, I seem to stay in a better mood when I stay far away from the 24hr news outfits. My trading is better, and probably 10x better when I stay far away from CNBC as well! :eek: :)
  9. Good write up, i would agree with all that.
  10. How's that going to work? The Fox watchers are already the "choir", and the Leftist no-brains won't be watching.
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