Fox Ignores "We Report, You Decide"

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  1. I don't believe Fox is right-wing. In the 2008 Presidential elections, they promoted Obama just like the rest of the leftist media.

    In this latest round of news events, Fox suppresses relevant information. They call them flash mob attacks. They don't mention race or hate crime when the assailants are black, but when the assailants are Latino, they mention race and hate crime. (In southern California a few days ago, a bunch of Latinos attacked some blacks.)

    Teenage Flash Mob Robberies on the Rise
  2. Fox is fake? This is news?

    How about when they faked Ron Paul being booed at CPAC?

    They report - News for lemmings.
  3. Ricter


    The articles seem to imply that there are different motives for different attacks. Some groups are attacking because of race, other groups are out to steal. (They all seem to have "young male" in common.)

    I didn't realize Fox was that nuanced, I may have to add them to my circuit.
  4. They also seem to invariably be groups of people with 3rd world ethnic origins; almost never European or Asian. Isn't multiculturalism great?! Look at the richness that "diversity" brings!

    If you only watch "nuanced" media, then I guess that cuts out msnbc and CNN too, right?

  5. Another racist and pro segregation post from artful dodger,what a surprise LOL !!
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    You're completely out of your fucking mind. As if we needed further proof, but still worth illuminating.
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    I dunno about that, but what he said IS mostly true.
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    My statement is more true. Violence worldwide, organized or not, is the province of the young male.
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    Well...I guess that counts me and you both out huh?
  10. In other news: most babies are born to female mothers. Stay tuned!

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