FOX cuts off girls praise of Russian troops

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  1. so what is the truth?
  2. Sonofabitch, it's Faux News.

    I'm not going to say it again.

    Modern version of Tokyo Rose - there are Tokyo Rose's on the left, too.
  3. Hmm, I am confused. What exactly did they (the girl and her aunt) say that we did not already know?

    The girl was in Ossetia when the war broke out, she admits that she did not see any bombs falling, that all her relatives and acquaintances are alive and well and that she had absolutely no problem getting to her uncle's house and later to Russia. Her aunt is talking about 2000 dead civilians in Ossetia which has been proven to be a lie as only about 50 people were killed and that's including Ossetian troops.

    Why is the interview such a big deal? They provided absolutely no useful information.
  4. Duly noted.

  5. What a powerful rebuttal!!!

  6. "Useful?" Of what use is anything posted in this area? Now over in trading or stocks, theres the possiblility of use in the posts, but here, noone is going to change anyones mind -- I don't expect to. We're all just hornets in this mutual jar with no effect on much of anyone. What effect did you think that I thought I would glean from posting that YouTube thing?
  7. OK, if the word "useful" bothers you let me rephrase - the video was not informative, illuminating, factual or in any way helpful to the understanding of the nature of the conflict.

    Well, it's not necessarily you but the video has been plastered all over the internet as some kind of a revelation or an ultimate proof that Saakashvili is worse than Saddam or something like that. In fact it's just an opinion of one little girl who represents one side of the conflict, provides absolutely no facts or relevant information and has no idea what she is talking about. Her aunt is older but all my points apply to her interview as well.

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