Fox Continues Cable News Domination. MSNBC's Matthews/CNN's Cooper & King At Bottom.

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  2. If you're a far right nut job, what besides Fox News can you watch to get your agenda programmed? The libs have about 1000 different crappy cable "news" stations to chose from. How do the numbers compare when all the choices are added together? Not really picking sides here. It's hard for me to stomach anything cable news has to offer. Besides, professional wrestling and Jerry Springer get pretty good ratings, too.
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    you all miss the point of what happened. Chris Matthews show used to be aptly named... in the past he asked tough questions of the left and the right.

    In the last few years all he does is put on the pom poms for the left. His show became unwatchable. I still tune in once in a while and I rarely learn anything. Watching his show now drives me nuts and I used to watch it every night.

    after every answer he does not like he starts editorializing.

    You would think they would do a regression analysis on their ratings. You would think they would notice the public wants information - we accept information with spin from each side - but one sided unsupported far left babel is not watchable for all but the far left loons.

    40% of the country says its conservative - another large percent is independent. There is only a small percentage of non government workers who could listen to that true believer failed leftist junk. I am surprised they have any audience at all.

    On a typical night you will see MSNBC and the other loons try and tell us that health care will not increase the budget. You will see them try and tell us that cap and trade will not hurt the economy, you will see them ignore that fact that the global warming sceintists have not been at least compromised.

    Nobody with a brain can take them for anything but a joke.

    Very few people on the left shows have any credibility left.

    Who is credible on the left.

    David Gergen
    Juan Wililams

    then you have to go to the comedy channel for jon stewart and colbert...

    the next most credible people on the left...

    a cabal of crazies like

    Barney Frank
    Chris Dodd
    al franken

    its unfortunately the liberal senator from minn. died
    and simon retired

    very few of the left ever makes accurate statements.

    after the politicians
    then you have jokes

    I realize I left out madow. She strikes me as sincere in her beliefs but so far left she does not care to present anything counter to her beliefs.

    The left puts out nothing put propaganda night after night.

    And yet we have dopes here trying to pretend every person who watches fox is uneducated.
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    I hate to tell you that the country is more liberal than conservative.Thats a fact and thats what the election showed.So maybe you need to get off the crack.

    Who cares if healthcare increases the budget?When was the last time anybody got pissed because military spending blew the budget?When was the last time the military was expected to decrease the budget?This whole neocon argument that hc reform must decrease the budget is absurd and idiotic.
    At least healthcare benefits everybody.When was the last time the military won any real wars-no,not lopsided invasions of pip squeak nations?Military budget is the biggest welfare scam ever for defense businesses.

    Seriously fox news blows away the competition in propoganda.Its sole mission is to push the neocon agenda.You NEVER see a story without right wing opinion and editorializing inserted after every sentence.When was the last time they said anything good about obama?When did faux ever criticize the worst pres in usa history,george bush?olberman and maddow regularly criticize obama over lack of hc reform,afghanistan,gitmo etc...When did hannity ever criticize bush?They had 8 yrs of this clown creating 1 disaster after another yet they always excused the clown.Faux is for retards who cant stand the truth and need idiots like sean hannity to spoon feed them right wing pablum.I have never seen an objective piece on faux.
  5. This basically says it all, right here.
  6. Conservatives Finish 2009 as No. 1 Ideological Group

    The country is more liberal than conservative? Where the hell do you get this crap? Why do you make so many statements that are factually incorrect? Are you just stupid or are you liar? I figure you are both, a stupid liar.
  7. You're full of it there, pal.

    The right wing has their own agenda, and it's not that of Fox.

    I give Fox "2 thumbs up" for fair, balanced, truthful reporting.... I have no partisanship for either side.
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    Gallup poll says 40% consider themselves conservative, 35% moderate and 21% liberal, Mr. "that's a fact".

    All the election showed was the naivete and gullibility of the electorate

    Looks like maybe you should get your nose out of your life partners ass crack.
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