Fox Business News the kiss of death?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Muddy Farmer, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. It had to happen. Murdoch launches his new TV station and the markets tank.

    The best indicator that the bull market is over.
  2. Fox is more bullish than CNBC.
  3. I hope its better than CNBC. Too many annoying sound affects and bad jokes.
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    You are pretty annoying, if I might say so myself!
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    Does DirecTV carry Fox Business News yet? I don't see it on my channel listings. This is good news for me, since Bloomberg is now toast - I despise the new format.
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    Go to DirecTV ch. 359.
  7. Perhaps you drones who are addicted to "business tv" would be better suited turning the tv OFF alltogether and watching the mkts more closely??

  8. Pretty depressing huh....yet another trader can no longer make it and becomes a business reporter just like Rick Santelli, Mark Bolling, etc.
  9. The channel is definitely not geared towards serious traders. However, I think it is a great channel for everyday people that want to learn more about the financial world. They actually explain the economic indicators for people who have no idea what the purpose of the numbers are. Granted, the explanation is very basic, but I believe it helps people who are confused about all of the information that comes out on any given day in the market.

    They definitely have more attractive anchors on their channel than CNBC does which doesn't hurt. Nicole Petallides, Alexis Glick, Shibani Joshi, and Jenna Lee are great eye candy, and they sound just as knowledgable as their counterparts on CNBC.

    I can see this channel pulling a huge demographic that CNBC hasn't tapped into being that they are much more technical and definitely cater to a crowd that is much more financially savvy.
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