FOX Business news is a joke

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by NY_HOOD, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. NY_HOOD


    all the hype and its worse than cnbc. who's that clown Codi something or other? acts like half a fag. i'm a man;s man so a guy like that bothers me. seriously though,what a joke, anyone else feel that way?
  2. All of the media has turned into a joke.
  3. you are not supposed to hear anything negative on Fox...or else republicans will stop all funding and support.
  4. rickf


    If you think that most TV business News in the US is a joke, then CNBC-US is the punchline and Fox Biz is the opening line.

    ...though I do like Bloomberg, for they at least they're not cheerleaders, infatuated with sound effects and spinnyswooshy graphics, and approach the subject in a far more serious manner than either CNBC-US or FBN.

    Though I will add that CNBC-World is pretty good and has a more professional "Bloomberg-y" feel to it. But the difference in the two CNBC networks is stunning....which goes a long way in telling me how stupid the US audience is to continue tolerating the kind of tripe aired on CNBC-US.

    Only thing on CNBC-US I like/appreciate and find useful these days is Rick Santelli in Chicago.

    That said, unless there's a world crisis or major news being reported the TV is off during the trading day -- I find it a distraction. I even trade FOMC days sans TV, and have done much better that way. :)
  5. As other posters have said, Bloomberg is much better than the others. I'm surprised that CNBC is such a large cash cow for GE.