fox "bulls n bears"-the worst show ever!

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  1. some other poster pointed out how they mention anna nicole smith on the show: sadly,they do.its so absurd and an insult to the intelligence of those that attempt to watch the show.the host brenda butner is horrible.the only thing she tries to do is be a comedian and talk about the market as if its all fun and games.i'm sure she'll be talking about how the Paris Hilton incident can make people money in the market.its a joke and she should really be taken off the show.most of the weekly guests are more concerned with trying to be comedians as well and are'nt the least bit funny;they are annoying to no end.the show is ridiculous and saying it lacks credibility is an understatement. by the way,when the hell do they stop talking about wal-mart!
    by the way,i no longer watch it....we need a no nonsense stock show. one that is serious and informative..even fast money can be a bit ridiculous at times. we are talking about people's money and viewers want information not a bunch of guys trying to be funny.
  2. One thing you'll notice about these shows is that the camera angles change about every 2 seconds and if someone (esp on CNBC) speaks for more than 3 sentences, the host cuts them off. This is just a function of our ADD culture. If there was a serious, sober show focusing on true investing, rather than "video game" investing strategies, sadly no one would watch it.
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    Please get over yourselves. :)
  4. foxnews know much abt trading aas much as bush know abt foreign affairs.
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    I used to tune into there Saturday programming to see market news on stocks, but in the last few months all those shows have fallen apart. Each show is just pathetic, sometimes the topics they cover HAVE NOTHING to do with the stock market. Its quite sad.
  6. Maybe they aren't looking for us as viewers. Maybe they want a different demographic. It's just a waste of time, and Fox Business will be a carbon copy. How can it be different?
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    It's more about ratings than it it about giving sound financial debate, info, etc.
  8. Its not just bulls and bears.

    Its every single one of the shows. The sad thing is that they all waste our time with these absolutely idiotic subjects each week.
  9. Wall Street Week.

    THAT was a good show by comparison.
  10. If there were a show that told traders what to look for and was breaking down charts (unlike eric bolling's chart science), it would be so friggin boring to 99.99% of the world that it wouldn't last.

    On the other hand it wouldn't surprise me if big money was paying to keep something like that off the air, since the street needs a steady supply of losers.

    Butner is annoying as hell. There should be some sorta rule against ugly redheads :D
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