fox admits it has a right wing bias

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  1. fair and balanced?

    Roger Ailes: Fox News Is On A 'Course Correction' Away From Far Right

    Fox News CEO Roger Ailes has given one of his typically candid interviews to Newsweek. The interview was published Monday.

    For a man who first made his name as a media guru for Richard Nixon, Ailes is often surprisingly forthcoming about Fox News and his opinions. In previous interviews, he has called NPR executives "Nazis" (he later apologized), said he didn't mind if people thought Glenn Beck was fired from the channel, and admitted that he wants both Bill and Hillary Clinton to join Fox News.

    Behind the scenes, Ailes is reported to have clashed with Sarah Palin and told Beck to cool his more controversial rhetoric.

    Monday's interview offered up more of Ailes' unvarnished opinions about his network and his employees. He made a big admission to Newsweek, saying that he has made a "course correction" at Fox News, veering it away from the hard-right line it took in the earlier days of the Obama administration. (Ailes offered a preview of this strategy in January, when he told Russell Simmons that he had ordered his anchors and pundits to "tone it down" in the wake of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting.) Beck's departure, as well as a more nuanced approach to his most famous pundit, Sarah Palin, have been part of that strategy, Ailes said.

    He also spoke openly about many of his anchors, saying that Bill O'Reilly "hates" Sean Hannity because he's jealous of his radio success (and thus confirming years of rumors about the animosity between the two).

    Ailes also called Hannity "predictable" and said that he sometimes has to have a word with Shepard Smith when Smith says things that may not go over well with the Fox News crowd. (He didn't say whether he was referring to Smith's seemingly pro-union comments about the Wisconsin protests, or his saying that the killing of Osama bin Laden was illegal and that American foreign policy is on a dangerous path.)

    Read the full interview, including news about Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry's relationship with Ailes,
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    Ailes is a putz for giving Greta a 20 fucking year contract. She is a total libtard and so far from being a journalist that she is unwatchable. That and her distorted face and her contractual obligation to say "breaking news!" at the begining of every broadcast.

    I can't and don't watch her.

    Greta, head down to century city and find an orthopedic surgeon to bust that twisted jaw and wire it back up into its correct position. Jeezus. Then head over to USC and take a coupla classes in basic journalism.
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    Is Greta that ugly bitch that talks out of the side of her mouth?
  4. Yeah. I haven't seen her on tv in almost a decade, I'd just about forgotten about her. Then again, I avoid like the plague almost all of the "news" networks. I honestly believe my blood pressure won't allow me to sit and listen to all the bullshit and lies.
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    Are you serious? Of course Fox has a right wing bias. Does Sean Hannity strike you as a liberal? What the hell is in the drinking water in SD these days?

    You can be fair and balanced and have a bias. I'm a Chicago Bears fan but I can give you a very fair and balanced view of how much they suck this year. Come on tinkerbell. Get a grip.
  6. I'm shocked, shocked!

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    Great movie! Very fitting for this thread.
  8. She's also a Scientologist. Maybe she scared him with threats of Xenu and spending millenia trapped in volcanoes.
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    Don't you love how mindless libertard douches start a thread questioning whether Fox News is fair and balanced? The left cannot stand having shows that depict them as the ultra pieces of shit they truly are. The reality is that the majority of America is bored to death in watching any sort of leftist/doucheocrat programming.
    Just check out the shithead, commie lineup that the Obama/MSNBC network puts out every night:

    6pm - Al Sharpton
    7pm - Chris Matthews
    8pm - Lawrence O'Donnell
    9pm - Rachel Maddow
    10pm - Ed Schultz

    You would think with this lineup, MSNBC would be airing from Cuba, not the U.S. This clearly explains why Fox News kicks the living shit out of any liberal political talk shows. And this just drives the left absolutely crazy! lol :p
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