four time bombs that will blow up Wall St.

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    The reason Blanfein won't see any jail time is because Goldman and the Fed basically owns the government. If they can control the money supply they care not about the laws.
  2. Good post FT.
  3. the sick part is bitching about this for how many years, and seeing it all happen like I (we) figured. I hope I'm wrong about what I think is going to happen next. But I haven't been too far off so far.
  4. I'm interested FY. What do you think will happen next.
  5. the author is a bit biased in a certain direction and a lot of what he says is for shock and awe-shucks entertainment purposes as is most of market watch. i did like his previous piece where he talked about humans and their damaged brains that come along with the life-deal. most people are unaware of this.
  6. Have a friend in Atlanta, lots of T men. Same refrain from them as you hear from all govie types. "get ready. It's coming."

    I'm not sure exactly what they're looking at. But an idiot can see the graft is beyond anything imaginable. How long do you think we get before the average guy starts bringing out that ammo he's been hoarding for the past three years? What do you think it's going to be like when it's 102 in Detroit, or Cleveland, and people don't have jobs or food? They bring out the hardware. Also, I'm hearing more and more from the upper class, "Obama is out to destroy us.' Whether or not you believe it is moot. "They" believe it. Actually, I do to. $3.53 I just paid for gas. But thank God the polar bears are all safe.

    Before it's over, they'll be hanging Wall St'rs from light poles. These bastards think they get to go home to gated communities, and drink Dom and watch the drama on TV. Uh uh. People are pissed, and becoming more so daily.

    The politicians are unrepentant. They have theirs, and there's no give. So the people will come take it. I 'm not sure the all the CEO's of the Wall St firms get to live to be old men.

    This is nothing I advocate, or wish for. I am not a man of violence. But if Lloyd Blankfein were on fire, and I just drank four tall boys, I wouldn't piss on him.
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    How many did hard time? Pretty much none. Some lonesome cowpokes served a few months in a minimum security prison, but that was about it. Remember the Keating Five? McCain was one of them, he almost became president of the US, for crying out loud. It wasn't even an issue during the election.

    Bastids shoulda been swinging from the trees. But the masses pretty much ignored the thing so the scofflaws skated scot free. And then we had this latest blow up and another federal bailout. And nobody is (hardly) going to jail.

    Obviously anybody with a brain is climbing on board the next gravy train express. You'd have to be a real retard not to see this potential. Choo choo! All aboard for great piles of money! Just be careful not to be a scape goat, and you'll be farting through silk for the rest of your life. Dunno why you losers are kvetching. You can't fight an avalanche, you can't change the weather any more than you can stop an uptrend.

    Don't fight the trend. Geez. You'd think that was obvious on a trading site.
  8. Said to a bunch of friends in 3/09 I hadn't seen in a while. "You all thought I was crazy. Now, you lost your 401k, you lost your job............ You had to have it happen to you before you were interested."

    "You're right."

    Well, now, everybody has lost. See my previous post. I hope I'm wrong. But, I'm on a hot streak.
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