Four more years

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  1. Well, I guess it was to be expected that the sniveling, whiny, little bitch republicans would be on the attack 24/7 even while their useless leader is still in power, so this is what we will be for the next 4 years.

    Pissing and moaning about being out of power, blaming it all on Obama and the dems...and no mention of Bush.

    When Bush came into power, the same sniveling, whiny, little bitch republicans blamed every problem on Bill Clinton...many still do.

    Obviously the GOP is not the party of personal or political responsibility for the mess we are in. For them, the buck always stops in the hands of someone other than their leadership.

    Oh well, no surprise, that's what sniveling, whiny, little bitches do.

    They can always look back with nostalgia at Bush though...
  2. Republicans are regressive and into looking backward toward "better" times.

    More nostalgia for the repubs to look back on....

    Oh, what could have been...what could have been is what they are thinking:

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  3. It has been scientifically proven republicons are rabid dogs.

    you can not teach a rabid dog new tricks.
  4. This is why (most) americans are so stupid and dumbed-down. No child left behind (if you wish to become cannon fodder).

    It is hard to find a more radicalized, barbaric, racist and violent society than in the United States of Israel. Oh wait, this also includes Radical Islam.

    Is it any coincidence that these two death cults are at war now? I think not.

    He's a great truth:

    "America loves the simple black and white answer. It fits into the soundbite nature of a society that dislikes intellectual analysis (or is incapable of coping with it So Americans prefer to believe that there is "one man" who assassinated the Kennedies and MLK; that "one man" threatens their security, Osama; that one man, Madoff, has stolen $50 billion. If only you can find the bad guy, everything will be fine. Get the posse out, catch the outlaw, and we can all go back to the saloon. It is a remarkably childish society. Greensnot, as he is lovingly known to many, may use fancy-pansy contrived language, but he thinks like a child. Unfortunately, so does Obama "
  5. I bet you 3 all sleep in the same bed at night. Are you married to each other too? Do you live in California? Are you mad your marriage is not real? Do you 3 love each other? You 3 all sound the same. Like losers. Get a life, please. And make it somewhere else besides ET. You 3 need help.

    You guys are the:

  6. Oh my, that is VERY funny! :)
  7. This coming from the gang that has done nothing but piss and moan since November 2000. Priceless!