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    I am presently running four monitors and have a mess of video cards. I seem to be having soem video conflict problems. Can anyone recommend the best and most inexpensive way ( I can't afford a quad) to hook up four moniters that will make win XP SP2 happy and not give me any headaches?
  2. You can buy a used quad card, Matrox GMS 2000 off of E Bay for about $120 plus shipping. Myself and 2 trading friends use them with no problems.
  3. Go over to eBay and buy a quad Matrox card.
  4. Or buy 2 matrox g450's. one agp, and one pci. There will be no conflicts. be sure to delete ALL other video drivers (via device manager).

    Sometimes this is cheaper than a quad. Depends what is on Ebay at the time.
  5. look at Gnome's classified (in classified forum).

    He has what you need - cheap!!!
  6. Quick question -

    I run 2 LCD's, and just got my other DELL. Now, I have a dual display graphics card, and the onbaord graphics card. Can I plug in the 3rd LCD to my onboad card, or do I need to get another graphics card?

  7. to kastro : unfortunately your most likely wont be able to use the onboard card at the same time as your add on AGP card, since they both would use the AGP bus and thats very unlikely. what normally happens is that when you plug a agp card into the socket, it disables the onboard card automatically.

    your best bet is to buy a cheap pci video card.
  8. It's a PCI-E card...Not sure if that makes any difference.

    So, when you put in a different card, AGP, PCI, PCI-E, it turns off the onboard? Since I have a PCI-E in now, should I get a AGP, or PCI card?

    What's a good, cheap card?

    Silvermotion, Thank you very much for the help!

  9. ?
  10. Waste of money buying agp. Might as well buy 2 pci. This way they can always be used in a new(er) system. agp is no longer being shipped in new systems afaik.

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