Four monitor video card

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  1. I am looking for a four monitor video card. Any suggestions?
  2. Depends.

    * Cheap (and powerfull): Get a crossfire etc. motherboard, forget a 4 video card and use 2 normal cards.

    Otherwise - talk to Matrox ;) They have graphics cards for up t 4 monitors ;) But the price is - ;) hot ;) as in really high.

    I think of the same, and will go crossfire, most likely.
  3. What you need to answer FIRST is what computer will it go into?

    -how many slots and what type?
    -what operating system?
    -what applications do you need to run?

  4. i was looking for a single card. i have a single PCIe-16X slot that i want to use. windows xp. running charting, quoting and risk managament software.

    i looked at the matrox qid, the nvidia nvs 440, and the saphire 4850x2

    i am not sure which is the best. they are all about $280-$330.

    the matrox has only 128 Mb so i dont think it is wise to get a card running 4 monitors with only this amount of memory.

    anyone know of any other cards or have any experiences with any card?

    any thoughts about the memory?

  5. Depends on the screens, but for Vista (and that is a good number anyway ) the recommendation is 128mb per 1600x1200 screen

    Matrox does have a 4 port card with 512mb ;)

    Otherwise look at workstation cards from Nvidia. Cost a LOT more, but you get up to a lot more memory. But then, you probably do not need it. depends on os and apps.
  6. I still have some old matrox g200 pci 32MB cards running 4 monitors.

    It really depends more on how much you want to spend.

    $50 or $400-500???

    That's your choice.

    I'm talking WinXp. Vista is trickier for video cards.

    Also, make sure you're ok with the fan noise on the cards with fans, especially the high-powered ones. Some are very noisy. The fanless design seems better for trading since you have to withstand the noise for hours every day.

  7. good advice for the fans, the power fan already bothers me!

    i have several open regular PCI slots, do you have any performance problems working with the 4 monitors across 2 cards in PCI slots?
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    If you have a 650w+ decent power supply and decent air cooling in your case then I would recommend the Sapphire 4850X2.
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    looked at NVS450 today

    around $400 bucks. ....
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