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  1. Just thinking out loud here...

    As compelling as the argument is about not shorting a freight train, I have to admit, there is something alluring about the "short term" shorting potential of these stocks. Or at least being very cautious on the long side.

    They better make wall street happy -- still three more to deliver. And appl is notorious from my recollection, for tanking on expected good earnings.

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  2. Try looking at rolling earnings per share.
  3. With the exception of bidu, EPS trends aren't looking half bad at all (not sure which side you are arguing for with your suggestion). I suppose if they are able to deliver numbers like RIMM, that makes a decent argument for continuation on the long side. My main thought stems from looking at short term technicals posted.
  4. BIDU isn't one of Cramer's four horsemen. It's AMZN.
  5. Thanks for clarifying. Amzn has a little more room to expand before touching the top of its channel. Although, the frothy TA argument can be substituted for amzn just as easily.
  6. Cramer just called for 750 on goog, you know what that means.....
  7. S2007S


    yep $750 tonight.

    ITs the 10th largest company in the WORLD...

    doesn't make any sense to me, to me its just a search engine....

    He keeps saying look at it as if its a $63 dollar stock, how is this possible when the damn thing is $630, feels like the days when analysts came out and put a $1000 price tag on QCOM...

    All stocks have there days, look at


    Many stocks look like there reaching tops yet they just move higher....
  8. $630 is like $63, if you look at it like its an unsplit stock (which it is! haha). Heck, if you priced MSFT as an unsplit stock since its ipo, the stock would be priced in the 10's of thousands.

    my .00005 cents...
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    yup I remember well that day, my co-worker came over to my cubicle to tell me she's going to retire on them shares.
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