Four Firefighters Shot, 2 Killed, Responding to Webster, NY, Blaze

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  2. Armed security on every firetruck.
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    Everybody needs to be packing heat

    If those 6 year old were carrying ak47's all that mess could have been avoided

    When will we learn?
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    This is just ridiculous, six year olds would never be able to hold an AK-47. They need 9mm's for their little hands and it would probably fit in their lunchbox (bonus).
  5. Wouldn't surprise me if the shooter's a loony left anti-gun nut trying to further exploit the CT shootings.

    Tell us libtards, how would banning "assault weapons" and >10 round magazines have stopped this?
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    Sounds like you've been hitting the Christmas eggnog a little early today:p
  7. You do realize that there are some areas of the country that require armed police to accompany first responders and firemen to all calls - for example the south Bronx. Armed police also accompany utility and phone workers to all calls. The schools like Walton High School (no longer open) also had metal detectors and armed police officers.
  8. Illinois also. Often the police arrive before the first responders do.
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    You're correct I've never heard of that before, I guess I'm too sheltered.
  10. Not everywhere is as densely populated as the South Bronx. In Newtown, CT we have 5 volunteer fire departments that cover about 60 square miles with the police department in the middle of town. When a house is burning down there isn't much time to waste waiting for them to get down to your district. The idea that the fire company should wait for the police to respond before they get out of their trucks is absurd.
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