Fountain of it real?

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  1. About 6 years ago David Copperfield said he discovered the fountain of youth on an island he purchased for $50 million dollars. The story went viral, but after a few days, everyone forgot about it. What made me remember this was I just saw a commercial with a somewhat young looking magician that I didnt recognize but I saw his name appear on the screen. When I saw him I thought to myself that guy looks too young to be david copperfield... I can't find the commerical online, but I did take the liberty of finding old and somewhat new pictures of David. Keep in mind, the David Copperfield is just a few years away from 60 years old. The first pic David is in his early 30s. The next pic he looks younger even though its 24 years later.


    This one was taken this year, 2012 about 24 years later.

  2. are you just a little bit gullible on some things?

    All I know is that without faith, deception is impossible. And to my experience, the only thing in the universe that really requires faith is a bad liar. [UNKNOWN]
  3. He probably is...alot of his posts are incoherent...BUT, I'd still put money on his mental health over an OCD case such as yourself that starts a thread a day bashing organized religion.

    I still think you spent a good part of your life in a seminary. Just so damn bitter about those lost years aren't you?
  4. Without faith,there is no hope.

    Let me ask you this Free Thinker. Who's life is more enjoyable...The man with hope, or the hopeless man?

    Who enjoys the magic show more...the little children, or the old man in the back yelling "its all smoke & mirrors!" Which one is happier free thinker?

    And if you insist on living a life that is miserable, why live?

    David Copperfield is an illusionist and very good at tricks. But you have to he did the trick of making himself look 30 when he is pushing 60. Doesnt matter if its the fountain or youth, or some secret medical skin care treatment that only the rich can afford. Hope is what builds society. Hope is what makes people dream. People like you never create anything, so you wouldnt understand I suppose.
  5. who is more easily taken advantage of by bs artists. someone who uses faith(emotion) as their guide in life or the skeptic who wants to see evidence before he plunks down his money?

    "The masses have never thirsted after truth...Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim."
    - Gustave Le Bon
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    Whether or not that is the case with FT, the important thing is that you agree such years would have been lost years.
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    You are godsend to dream merchants everywhere. Operators are standing by. Please have your credit card ready.
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    And what have you created lately with all your misplaced faith? Aside from a fool of yourself, of course.
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    Looks like he found the magic hair growth formula! :D
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