Found Waste! Senate Elevator Operator Jobs

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, May 20, 2013.

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    This is unreal. We should just scrap this government and start over.

    'Push the correct button, win a cash prize!” That might sound like an outdated carnival game, but it actually describes government employment. Uncle Sam shelled out more than $1.2 million to pay operators to man the Capitol’s fully automated senators-only elevators over the last five years, according to reports from the secretary of the Senate.

    The longer the elevator operators push the correct buttons, the more cash they win. The longest-tenured elevator operator has seen his annual salary increase each of the last five years—though non-congressional federal government employee wages are currently frozen—for total earnings of more than $210,000.

    The Senate sergeant at arms office, which employs the operators, defended the presence of elevator operators in the Capitol. The operators provide services besides the obvious, the office said via email. It listed nine roles and responsibilities of the operators separate from the physical operation of the automated elevators. Many of these functions appear focused on providing a clear and safe path for senators to move through quickly, while the rest involve pointing confused tourists in the right direction or working in the galleries during Senate recesses so that passersby can still visit. The office also notes that all elevator operators are certified in first aid and CPR.

    But that argument for the necessity of elevator operators is inconsistent with the sergeant at arms office’s previous verdict. When a government shutdown loomed during the spring of 2011, Senate sergeant at arms Terrance Gainer told Roll Call that elevator operators would be among the furloughed nonessential staff. Even after the Senate identified the taxpayer-funded operators as nonessential, no evidence exists to suggest that the body plans to eliminate or reduce the funding for those positions.
  2. Hey maybe even rcg could do that job.

    I mean exclusively operate the fully automated elevator.:D :D
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    I doubt it. He would have to be able to push the right buttons. He has shown no propensity to be able to do that here. :)
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    A specially designed affirmative action automated elevator maybe?
  5. Come on...Elevator operators are needed in the white house. You cant expect our LEADERS to be able to figure out how to push a button to get them to the right floor, do you?
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    I would understand if it were naked, young female interns that they used but it sounds like it's just regular old uniformed male elevator operators.
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    They could if they got a Benjie every time. Which might be cheaper than our current system. . .
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    But then how are you going to get them out of the elevators to participate in floor votes? :D