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    Company: SMB Capital, LLC Location: New York, NY 10023
    Salary/Wage: 75k plus Status: Full Time, Temporary/Contract/Project
    Job Category: Finance/Economics Relevant Work Experience: Less than 1 Year
    Career Level: Experienced (Non-Manager) Education Level: Bachelor's Degree

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    Job Description

    Our experienced, well educated trading group is seeking another experienced equities trader. We have been trading successfully for over eight years and hold advanced degrees in law and business. Most importantly, we share ideas. We are looking for someone who will add value to our group, and in return, we will add value to your trading.


    We have three partners. Steve, a graduate of Wharton and Fordham Law School, is our best technical trader. Josh went to Stern (MBA) and is our best oil trader. I went to UConn Law School and have successfully faded stocks through bull and bear markets. We consistently share valuable trading information to those on our desk. Our goal is to provide as much value to our traders as possible.


    * A position at a senior trader level

    * Unlimited upside

    * The best of working environments

    * Individualized mentoring, but you are your own boss

    * Flexible hours

    * Again, a group that is well educated and willing to share their best ideas

    We offer the best trading deal since we began. Our platform is reliable and customizable. It has all the tools necessary (alerts, charts, indicators, etc). The leverage is excellent (80 x 1) with a 5k contribution. The trading fees are lower than any on the street. We provide a convenient location at an established firm, with a loft like office, and successful traders surrounding you. Again, a few good ideas shared by us can mean a lot more money for you. If you are a serious trader, respectfully, you should consider us.
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    Now does this mean that I put up my 5k and the three partners "might" share trading insights with me?