Found possible solution

Discussion in 'Trading' started by clambill, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. I don't want to annoy people with my endless stories that I've tried to developed a method for 18 months and it didn't work. But, I updated one thread with a new method and noticed people were still responding to the first message.

    So, I'll say it here and in a clearer way to hopefully help traders who are still struggling. I finally noticed that I had a lot of temporary profits that ended up as losses when I used fixed stops and fixed profit targets. I spent a long time trying to work on entry points but hadn't noticed my way of exiting trades was probably the "real problem".

    I decided to start exiting when it's obvious the price is changing directions again (with a method I'd rather not discuss now). And, by looking at charts (and my own experiences), I think I know what kind of results this will produce. It may result in periods of small profits and small losses (meaning being break-even part of the time) and interrupted by the occasional large profits (which may very well lead to overall profits).

    Another detail is going with the trend although it's obvious during some retracements the results would be less ideal. However, this is when I could use smaller positions until the trend resumes.