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    Hey guys,

    I'm wanting to set up a small home system for trading. Bolimomo, scat, and others gave me great advice on the 8 monitor setup I have at my office.

    I'm really wanting a laptop with two 22-24" monitors as well as the laptop monitor running in the middle.

    I found the following for a little less than $1,400 and am wondering what the rest of you think:

    Intel i7 Quadcore 2.0 gigahertz 6mb cache
    320 Alienware Solid State Hard Drive
    6 GB DDR3 Memory
    15 inch 1080p LED screen 1600x900 res
    Windows 7 Home 64 bit
    The video card is an AMD Radeon HD 6570M/5700 1.5gb

    Here's the youtube link:

    I don't need the lighting to flash, or change as that's a distraction to me. I'd just set the lighting to blue, or clear if I owned this laptop.

    What I don't know yet is:

    1. Would this computer be fast enough to trade with?
    2. Do I need a different video card to run two more monitors with it?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and advice!

  2. The video showed an Intel Core i7 740QM processor, which has a passmark score of 3571. Which is very nice (speedwise) for a laptop.

    However... I would (but I haven't) shop around for any new laptops that feature the new Intel second generation chips (the equivalents of Sandy Bridge i7-2600K or i5-2500K for laptops). Because the second generation chips (desktop) have such a significant jump in performance, you should take advantage of that and bank on (or may be wait a bit for) the newer technology.

    15-inch is a bit small. But that's just me. As I like laptops with no less than 17-inch screens. You can have laptops with 17-inch or 18.4 inch screens with resolution up to (like mine) 1920 x 1080. I think you will like the added resolutions when you are travelling.

    My bet is that laptop only supports 1 external monitor. If you need to drive one more external monitor, you would need a USB-to-VGA (or DVI) gadget.
  3. Get something that supports a docking station...

    So you can go somewhere and run it off a big screen when its convenient..
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    I agree. Thanks!

    And when will the second generation chips for laptops be out? I can wait if the improvement is that good.

    Btw, what do you think of three of these for a "budget" build:

    And what's an HDMI cable? The guys in the comments section kept recommending it, and complaining it wasn't included.
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    Can you give me an example? Link

    It's an interesting thought, no question. I'm FAR from a computer guy, took bolimomo's advice, scat, etc., ordered the parts the last time (literally parts), and had a cumputer builder/repair/nerd-but cool nerd (lol) get an 8 monitor set up for me going.

    Are you meaning I could plug the laptop into something like a 52" LCD HDtv? That would be amazing!

    What are all of the benefits that come to mind as to why a docking station would be the way to go? Thanks bro!
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    On thing to look out for is 2 (sometimes even 3) external monitor connectors. If you get something like HP Envy (spec in PDF), you can run the internal monitor + 2 external monitors (via HDMI and DisplayPort) at the same time. There are lots of laptops with this feature around. I just linked a reasonably inexpensive one. These will ususally have a graphics card from ATI.
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    On the other hand, if you want to use one of USB graphic adapters, it's better to have Intel graphics.
  9. HDMI is a digital interface. Signal-wise it is equivalent to the DVI standard, plus the 2 audio channels. So if you use DVI cable or VGA cable and you want to play audio on the built-in speakers on the monitor, you would need to hook up the extra stereo audio cable. If you use HDMI cable, you don't.

    The cable is not a big deal. A 6-foot HDMI cable costs only about USD$20 or so.
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    You shold imo build computers while your customers order the monitors, stand (if they want one), etc., It would be a literal turn key system, as all they would need to do is hook up the cables per your instructions, and get the system running. I'd own one!:)
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