Found a signed, pre-production copy of Tim Sykes' book in the lobby of my building

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lolatency, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. Who knows who in my building has a connection to Timothy Sykes, but I found a signed copy of the guy's book in my building's lobby with a sign that said "Free books, take!". I opened the cover, and it was signed by the man himself. The book isn't the one that's actually selling either, because it says "Uncorrected Proof" on the top of the book. Maybe someone in this building has a connection to his publisher or something. I didn't realize the guy did book signings, but hey, I have the real deal here.

    I read the first few chapters. It's not bad, reads more like a magazine article than a business book. Haven't gotten into the meat of the book, but I question why a guy would write about tormenting a roommate at Tuft's University in a book about hedge funds.

    Wouldn't have bought this book personally, but now that I have it, I have been somewhat enjoying it -- particularly because that guy is the subject of some heated threads on this site.
  2. tim never learned to trade

    can you keep a secret ?

    trading is a bitch, trading can make you rich, but trading sure is a bitch
  3. Sushi


    an insane asylum?
  4. His book was enjoyable, but I didnt take away thing to help me with my trading. He made so many stupid mistakes, he could have been so much more profitable had he known what he was doing.

    I just wonder when he is going stop making money off wannabe traders and actually make some real money in the markets without being such a douche bag about it.