Found a great anti virus program

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  1. Just wanted to let you guys know that I tried a program called "Combofix" and it kicked ass.

    My system was totally hijacked. Internet searches were being redirected, system restore was disabled, couldn't use mcafee, my computer was totally screwed. Spybot didn't do shit either.

    So I tried Combofix and am happy to report everything seems back to normal.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there in case anybody was having major problems. I was ready to reinstall windows.
  2. Better than Malwarebytes???
  3. Not sure, never heard of that one. But if its superior I'll make a note of it for next time my system gets jacked up. thanks.
  4. Yes.

    Combofix is better than Malwarebytes when you've been hijacked by a Trojan, etc.
  5. Better to reinstall IMO. The malware can hide for several weeks or months before it is re-activated randomly. If your computer was infected with something that disabled Spybot and antuvirus, it can also fool Combofix.

    USE DEP protection in IE. If you get a DEP warning scan with Malwarebytes and you will find the program that tried to get installed. It happened to me the other day during a visit to a financial website. It tried to install a porn website re-director on my computer along with a key logger. DEP stopped it. Malwarebytes found it and deleted it.
  6. That's funny.......Combofix just sent a bunch of spam marketing emails to me from your IP address???

  7. JK.......LOL! :D :p :D

    Good info.....I will try them out too! :cool:
  8. pspr



    Make sure you do a complete backup before running this software. There are warnings that it screws up about one in one hundred computers that run it.
  9. combofix is NOT an av program
    it's one of several specific removal tools

    "You should not run ComboFix unless you are specifically asked to by a helper.
    Also, due to the power of this tool it is strongly advised that you do not attempt
    to act upon any of the information displayed by ComboFix without supervision from
    someone who has been properly trained. If you do so, it may lead to problems with
    the normal functionality of your computer."
    'A guide and tutorial on using ComboFix'
  10. problem is you'd copy the virus, malware whatever
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