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    So what happens after-hours on earnings release when there's a 40% short interest?
    Up 75%. :D
    See Soes.... if you were smart you would have pointed this out today.
    I missed it.
    Edit... Make that 80%
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    Who was it here that asked if you could turn 10,000 into a million?
    Well, since the $12 Calls were a dime today..... you'd be halfway there.
    I bet Lugar played this one.
    "Its easy to compound using options".
    Part art part science. :D
    Edit again... up 92%
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  3. Jesus, a 95% change in the stock in aftermarket hours. -- I can only imagine what the Option change was. :wtf:

    Just a single percent or less in a stock results in a noticeable change in the option already.

    I don't chase individual stocks;
    I play the same thing everyday. SPY/SPX

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    I want it.
    ...I just need $100,000 to magically~ appear out of thin air,
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    Do those FOSL watches mine Bitcoin? Geez.
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    Soes is a genius in hindsight. the country is full of self proclaimed geniuses. a few even make it to ET.