Forumla to calculate prices with options?

Discussion in 'Options' started by klurby, Jul 10, 2011.

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    Hey guys I need your help, is there a formula to find out how much each $0.01 in the underlying is worth according to the options delta.

    XYZ Stock is trading $3.00

    XYZ September 17' 2011 Call is trading $0.12

    XYZ September 17' 2011 Call delta is 0.35

    My question is, what formula would I use to figure out what the ESTIMATED option value would be when the underlying is trading $3.25 How much would each $0.01 move in the underlying stock affect the option value? Please help guys! thanks!
  2. rosy2


    look at gamma
  3. Yes, assuming vol remains constant, it's just basic Black-Scholes... If my arithmetic is correct, option is likely to be worth smth like 0.20 or 0.21, roughly. I could be having a senior moment, obv.
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    So is there a formula to figure out what an estimate would be or no?
  5. Yes... Roughly it's deltaPxOpt = delta * UnderlyingPxChg + 0.5 * gamma * (UnderlyingPxChg ^ 2), if my memory doesn't fail me. Whether you want to ignore the gamma term is up to you.
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    Part of trading options is making an assumption as to what vol. will
    be after time passing or a change in price on the equity. You can assume there is no change, that will go into you strategy. Just understand if your wrong, your P&L will be different.
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  8. I didn't think you were senior enough for a senior moment. I, on the other hand, ...
  9. It's the emotional age, HC, not physical... I been staring at the European debacle and it has aged me prematurely.
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    Just look up the multidimensional taylor formula.
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