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  1. What is the name of the software that runs elite trader message forum? Just curious, what is the best message forum software in the biz?
  2. LOL, want to start your own Elite Trader huh?

    AFAIK, Elite Trader runs on a customized + older version of vBulletin.

    It's one of, if not the, most popular bulletin board software there is. The other very popular software is phpBB which anecdotally probably beats vBulletin in terms of number of installations but not number of forum membership i.e. community sizes.

    Honorable mentions go to Invision, UBB, Ikonboard and YaBB etc.
  3. Another good one is very clean layout.

    I have setup two forums with ( before I found out about ). A major problem with is the automatic spam, the admin will be kept busy deleting all the phoney registrations and posts. They have a good community to help you with questions. Also needs lots of modifications once installed, or it looks amaturish and similiar to the 100's of other phpbb forums out there.

    Both and are free and require php/mysql support, which most hosts provide anyways. If you plan on trying to set one up yourself you should know: html, css, php, mysql, ftp and tpl.
  4. I am present on many of the forums and I can say that ET is a highly modified and customized version with enhancments added to the downloadable and available Vbulletin software.

    I should not even post to this thread as it is not my place. Perhaps Baron or Joe will clarify.

    momoneythansens seems to have moknowledgethanmost in the versions of forum software....good info :)

    Michael B.
  5. Baron

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    5 years ago, choosing a good message board platform was a lot more critical than it is today. Nowadays, they've all got the same core group of functions and use the same database. And now there even scripts to migrate the data from one message board to another, so even if you don't end up like the software you initially chose, you can easily switch over to something else.
  6. How much $ do major message board owners generate in income? Is it a lucrative form of biz?

    Just curious...
  7. I run a forum, and I use phpbb - Its great, free and lots of mods to choose from. Sure Vbull is more powerful, but there is nothing wrong with phpbb.

    Baron, good work on this forum :)
  8. Based on my experience with running a Forex forum that had very little traffic I would say it is VERY LUCRATIVE. My forum with 50 members brought in $150.00 per year and the overhead was only $40.00 (domain and hosting). Barron of course won't say how lucrative ET is, but my guess is that EliteTrader could be sold for well over $1,000,000

    There was a TV news story on this guy running Plenty Of Fish It's the largest free dating/forum site and he claims to be making $10,000 A DAY from the Google ads.

    Setting up a site these days costs peanuts compared to a few years ago. If you have an idea for a site I would go for it.
  9. Sounds encouraging..