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  1. I know more about the subterranean vulcanic gasses on Neptune than I do about "bonds" let alone trading bonds.

    I trade currencies.

    I would like to propose that there be a forum called Bonds.

    I'm the joker who proposed that there be a forum called Stocks, and it is now a hit.

    and, Baron, if you need a moderator for the Bonds forum... let me know. :D

  2. That would be a very good idea. I finally discovered last week that bond matters were mainly discussed in the Miscellaneous Futures section. There are also some sharp people there.
  3. I like the idea too.
  4. Speculator1929

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    Why do we need a thread about Barry Bonds? He is a steroid using jerk.
  5. oh damn that's right! It's James BOND not James Bonds!!

    sorry, Baron.

    so how about it. do we get a 007 forum?

    How about just I Spy.

    Perry Mason?
  6. hey, I gotta quick question about bonds (the trading kind)..

    without ever having read a book about bonds, I'd like to know something..

    Is buying a bond like buying a stock?

    or is it more like buying a futures contract?

    thanks ahead of time.
  7. mnx


    I was really suprised there is no bonds forum here. There should definitely be one...

  8. I can only speak for myself but when I talk about bonds I talk about futures contracts.