Forum feature suggestion- sign in with Google or Facebook

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by OptionsOptionsOptions, Apr 10, 2021.

  1. Forum feature suggestion

    • Sign in with Google or Facebook
    • IMO ... best to have both.
  2. smallfil


    Anyone using Facebook or Google to login should be made to pay say $50.00 for the privilege to use it. Both social media mine the information of users then, sell it so, why should Baron tolerate these big companies and further enrich them?
  3. Google and Facebook are owned by the Leftist snobs. This idea is horrible in my opinion.
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  4. smallfil


    Exactly. It will allow Google and Facebook to spy on ET users to use their information and sell it all over again, further enriching Google and Facebook? They are not going to pay Baron one red cent for the profits they generate.
  5. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    I was going to implement that years ago, and certainly could have. The problem I have with these 3rd party logins is what happens when those services are no longer in vogue anymore? I mean, we all remember when Yahoo was cool, but then it faded. MySpace came along and then it vanished. Facebook has certainly been a dominant force but already there are reports that virtually none of the younger generations even like Facebook at all and think it's "only for old people". Google's probably the most solid bet, but they are one anti-trust lawsuit away from saying, "We're no longer going to validate logins from third party websites." Oh, and remember Google+, the Facebook competitor from just a few years ago? That's been axed as well.

    So although I'm sure it would bring more users to the site, I'm just very hesitant to rely on any third party as a basis for user acquisition, no matter how big, amazing, and in style it might be at the moment. Maybe I'm just being too cautious. Not sure.
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  6. smallfil


    I use Facebook very sparingly, and have omitted most of the information on my profile. Only reason I have an account is because I need to keep contact with close relatives. Totally, against Facebook and Google mining my personal information. If you go that route, I probably, will avoid ET altogether. This is a good site for sharing information with other traders but, allowing Facebook and Google to continue selling our personal information is not kosher.
  7. wrbtrader


    Most of the misinformation / disinformation being posted by ET members are by Covidiots and Trump cult supporters that has been getting there info from Facebook and other fringe social media formats that have a strong following on Facebook.
    • In fact, some ET members openly admit that they get their info from Facebook.
    Thus, probably not a good idea to link via the 3rd party will definitely attract the wrong crowd beyond what has been attracted to your Political threads since early 2020.

    I talked about this last year here in the Feedback section...nobody seem to believe me when I stated individuals here at ET are posting links from the Political threads over at Facebook and other social media sites where's there a lot of heated debates...

    They were doing such to "invite" others to come to ET.

  8. On second thought, it might be a great idea to make people sign in through facebook.

    It could conceivably stop posters here from having more than one nick. :)

    And it could stop Russian (or whomever) bots from running around ET.
  9. userque


    Likely spoken by someone with multiple facebook accounts.
  10. It is illegal to have multiple facebook accounts.
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