Fortune vs The Economist vs WSJ vs Forbes

Discussion in 'Trading' started by staffpro, May 17, 2008.

Which Financial Newspaper do you read?

  1. The Economist

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  2. Fortune Magazine

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  3. Forbes

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  4. Wall Street Journal

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  5. other

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  6. I don't read financial/economic magazines

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  1. I'm subscribed to the economist find it gives me a good overall picture of the "world" rather than searching for reports/articles on the internet. Of course i mean good complement to the macro view with charts/prices that i get from my broker.

    So what do you guys read if anything.

  2. rosy2


    i only read 'the economist' and look on bloomberg every now and then
  3. In addition to charts, I read the writing of the great thinkers of all time (a handful of books from each century and for each disciplinary area written by the thinkers themselves). In relation to markets, I am now re-reading the writing of Isaac Newton in Principia, of Gauss, and some very old books by great mathematicians. Stock and heavenly bodies share many things in common.

    I read the writing of the thinkers because I am mainly after the thoughts/insights not after the knowledge in the books.
  4. hughb


    I love the Wall Street Journal. I used to buy it occasionally at the newsstand, but now I have a subscription. The articles and editorials are informative, and the market data is useful.

    BTW, I'm talking about the print edition. There's something about a newspaper - unfolding it, folding it, clipping articles - I just like it.

    One other thing I like about it is how all the internuts go ballistic when they see somebody likes a newspaper. "LEFT WING BIAS! MAINSTREAM MEDIA LIES! YOU'RE A SHEEPLE!", on and on. Maybe that's why I read a paper, to antagonize those elite few on the internet who know what really goes on. :D
  5. I read the Economist occassionally, used to have a subscription but found that almost all of it is online for free, so I didn't re-subscribe. I'll look at Fortune or Forbes if they are sitting in front of me in a waiting room.