fortune teller told me to get a real job

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  1. my fiancee went to the fortune teller of hers for years and he seems to be pretty accurate, according to her, dont ask me why or how and so she gave him my bio details and such and the dude tells her that i should quit daytrading and get a real job or i will lose my shirt wtf man???
  2. My mother said the same thing and she loves me. I never listened to her either.
  3. You should have sucker punched him in the nose and said, "if you can see the future, how come you didn't duck" :D
  4. I think it's ironic that a fortune teller would be telling someone else to seek "real" work.

    Even so, that you would ask whether you should listen to a fortune teller is quite informative.
  5. nitro


    LMAO :D
  6. i know, that fucker got me thinking, so i am gonna swing for a while and not mess with the day to day thing..fcuking pathethic:mad:
  7. reminds me of dione warwick:D
  8. in this mkt environment he is prob right
  9. The fortune teller is (he)? Ok, I think he wants to take your girlfriend for him. :D
  10. You probably pegged that right. I mean if the fiance falls in love with a day trader she'll believe a fortune teller. They both have crystal balls.
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