Fortis: either taken over or nationalised by tonight

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by cvds16, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. cvds16


    Several banks and the heads of Belgian government and the Belgian bank commission are in meeting since yesterday, also the Dutch bank authorities are involved. By tonight 22 CET, Fortis will be either taken over or nationalised. The most likely takeovers candidates are ING or BNP Paribas. Neither of them would be interested in the bank as a whole but would probably sell of parts later on.
  2. Manni


    Curse of ABN takeover. The ABN takeover will be seen as the worst financial mistake RBS/Fortis as they paid top dollar just before banks started to collapse.

    Paying $100 billion ABN, a second rate dutch bank is going to hurt a lot of instutions involved in the deal
  3. The American taxpayer will step up to the plate.
  4. cvds16


    it's starting to look more and more that it will be the Belgian taxpayer.