Fort Worth Prop Shop Opening?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by DFWtrader, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. DFWtrader


    I am hearing rumors that a Fort Worth, TX prop shop will be opening soon, does anyone know the name of the shop and how many traders they are looking for?
  2. A couple of buddies of mine are looking to open an office there, PM me if you are interested in their contact info.
  3. DFWtrader


    Would you mind sharing what prop shop it will be or whatever info you got so far? :D

    I don't think anyone here will mind if you release the info. :)
  4. RXIS


    I'd love to hear about any prop shops opening in the Fort Worth area. I've been waiting for quire some time.
  5. Not so much DFW, but perhaps I-30 and the Beltway coming up soon. Any serious inquiries, please send me a PM and/or email ( hope to have a workshop/open house soon.

  6. Please put me on the list if something is getting started.
  7. Sure...if you send me an email ( "DFW" or similar in the subject line...I'll add you all to the list, and put you in touch with those putting things together.