Fort Worth pension blowing up

Discussion in 'Economics' started by hippie, Sep 18, 2010.

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    These "civil servants" are here to help their communities and the people they serve.
  2. Thats it...I'm moving to Ft Worth so I can be a firefighter and retire with $90k per year in income.
  3. the tea party wingnuts have been holding out conservative texas as a model of what government should be
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    You're right. Left wing unions have penetrated all levels of government, all across the country and if not stopped, they will collapse our entire public system.
  5. I dont really think its left wing right wing labeling. People steal to the best of their ability at their current station in life. You have Meg Whitman firing people while enriching herself. You have unions self dealing in contracts with politicians. You have ditch diggers who cant steal money so they steal time by working less. Been going on forever. It ebbs and flows. What amuses me is being rigid and believing only the other side does it.
  6. I have no pity for the unions and this pension situation. The city should just stop funding the plan and let them starve. The only time to stop a discovered Ponzi plan is immediately.
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    a tape was leaked out of a meeting with the California comptroller.. he said plainly that no amount of taxes could ever pay for just the pension liabilities owed by the state... and they have been hiring all during the recent financial crisis...