Fort Hood terrorist another victim of evil laws?

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    Arrested; According to reports, Jason Nasser Abdo has been arrested and found with explosives near Fort Hood

    Only in America is seducing high school girls considered a crime akin to pedophilia. Biologically, there is nothing wrong with adult men having sex with teenagers. That is what men are designed for, and what young women desire. And until feminism came to play a prominent role in American society, many women married before the age of 16.

    Instead of encouraging adolescent girls to have romantic relationships with successful, grown men, we treat them as children, in need of permanent protection from "perverts" (often another word for straight, middle-aged men) and their sexual advances. Men who insist on their right to court young women find themselves labeled as pedophiles, and end up serving long prison sentences. For no reason at all.

    Jason Nasser Abdo's father was one of those men unjustly punished by unnatural laws.

    Now his son, the guy recently arrested for planning to massacre Fort Hood , apparently stocked some material on his army laptop that falls under the vague category of "child pornography". Hence the government, not content to merely court-martial him for his refusal to slaughter the innocent in far-away lands, resolved to charge the poor guy with pedophilia.

    After having witnessed the crucifixion of his father on the altar of feminism, the son suddenly realizes that he is destined to a similar fate. How many times can an honest man turn the other cheek to injustice? The Christian martyr-saints of antiquity did so many times. Mr. Abdo undoubtedly lacked their self-denial, but I find it hard to blame him for it.

    His project to kill American soldiers at Fort Hood was certainly diabolical. But it is impossible to deny that the army did everything to provoke him. Slandered, Nasser Abdo saw no choice but to take revenge on the system that not only destroyed his reputation as a pious Muslim and peace-activist, but also intended to imprison him for many years, even though he had committed no crime.

    How many more men are going to be driven to murderous folly because of unjust, feminist inspired laws?

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    So, you are a pedophile in addition to being an idiot and terrorist-apologist?

    I would like a few minutes in a locked room with this guy. Y'know, to just talk to him LOL. :D
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    Max E.

    Unreal...... For the life of me i cant figure out how all these lunatics manage to find elite trader....
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    He must be a pervert similar to those arrested. People like jammy are a threat to free people and morality.
  5. I might be wrong but I think 377HOMO used google.
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    I'm indeed pervert like Thomas Jefferson, whose predilection for adolescent slave-girls was shared by many of his contemporaries. None of whom could have imagined that at some point in future, men will be be condemned for merely having a good taste, and enjoying life within the boundaries of common sense and traditional morality.

    I refuse to believe that the sight of a comely high school student never aroused any carnal desires on your part. I'm sure that it happened at least once. If said high school student promptly fell in love with you, would you have declined her affection lest you go to prison? Probably not.

    But whosoever requites the love of a nymphet, risks being reported to the federal government and spending the rest of his life in prison, branded a pedophile and sharing a cell with murderers and baby molesters.

    Do you really approve of that?
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    My God, an unabashed pedophile. Why don't you fuck off and go find the appropriate forum you piece of shit.
  8. The legal age of consent is 16 in DC and 30 states, 17 in 8 states and 18 everywhere else. A line has to be drawn somewhere to prevent children from being abused. If 16 is too old for you, you're a pedophile.
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    "Homs" is the Norwegian word for homosexual. OHMS is indeed an anagram.

    377OHMS, what are your views on pederasty?
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    And you are a pedophile piece of shit. I would stomp you out.

    Sammy is still mad because I ripped his mom's burka off and pissed on her forehead. Understandable. If he could find it in his heart to forgive me I would promise to stop pissing on his relatives.
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