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    I'm looking for a formula-based alerts program compatible with TAL or eSignal data. Everything I've seen so far won't get the job done; e.g. no formula language (not even AND/IF), no multiple time periods in one formula, no alerts on analytic studies (only price and volume), program is a charting program first and an alerts program tenth, limited alert function (alerts don't automatically reset, one method for all alerts, one sound for all, alert popup takes focus from order-entry), one active alert impairs another, no logging, etc.

    If alerts can be tied to RealTick order-entry, that's a bonus but not a requirement. Any recommendations?
  2. erlanger quote can do all that but you have to use qcharts data.
  3. I am not sure about all of your requirements, but Wealth-Lab has a feature like that. Lets explain it, and then you decide wether it is what you are looking for:

    1. Use a portfolio of symbols and scan for tomorrows signals
    2. Second save the signals
    3. Open Alert Manager
    4. Open saved signals
    5. Open real time data

    As soon as any of your criterias (any kind of statements) are fullfilled you will hear it! You can do that on many symbols with QChart or ESignal data.

    There are a few other ways, but this one comes with the software.

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    You can program deep alarms/alerts within Aspen Graphics.
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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I've looked at all the products mentioned, but so far no joy. Still looking.
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  8. If you're new to trading software with back-testing, alert, and coding go for Wealth Lab. Tradestation has it too but it's dead.
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