Formula 1: Schumi's final race this weekend

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  1. Will he cheat this weekend? Someone has to do the dirty work for him this time...

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  2. No one is going to do anything illegal to help Michael. Tod is not the kind of guy to give Massa orders to drive over Alonso's tires. And the fact is that anything can happen. Is it unheard of for an F1 engine to let go? Is it impossible that Alonso will be shunted off the track? These things are not only possible, they're commonplace.

    I doubt that Schumi will do anything outrageous this weekend, and I don't really believe that he'll go down in history with an asterisk beside his name for the questionable moves he has made. History loves a winner and that's what he is - one of the great winners in auto racing. I don't think you can separate the drive to win and the illegal moves, they are two sides of the same coin.

    He's not my favourite driver, but I'm sure he's not losing any sleep over that fact.
  3. Will Kimi do his future employer a favor? :D
  4. :)

    intriguing possibility... it will be fun to read the news the next day if that happens and Michael goes on to win.
  5. Last race?
    Gee, i hope he's put some away for retirement. I heard those F1 drivers werent paid very well.

  6. lol.... yeah, I think I read a few years back that Schumi is the only one who could come close to Tiger for highest income.
  7. The dawn of a new era...

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  8. dotn know why ppl bag schu for dirty tricks. One look at soccer and esp mauro camorenesi or arjen robben will convince u that there are plenty of ppl who are much dirtier than schu

  9. always liked the guy, i dont think he did anythin' really outta order ever...i mean all the champs have tried to play dirty tricks on the road, senna included, big whoop.
  10. You would do those dirty tricks too if a lot is at stake.
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