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Discussion in 'Trading' started by congoboy, Jul 26, 2008.

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    I have an idea to advertise on craigslist. I know it's a long shot, but there are certain "women" who make plenty money and an opportunity to let their money grow would appeal to them.

    Whether I know how to trade or not is not a point of discussion here.

    Say I can find enough whor..... i mean women to agree to invest in me, are there any legal procedures that I need to follow.

    My idea is to take the money and put it in some non-personal bank account and obviously transfer it to a real trading account and trade off of it. If the fund makes money I make money.

    It's just like taking a friends money and trading for him.


    they could just right me a check and have faith in me.

    I think option 1 seems better.
  2. Well thought out and seems to be just about a perfect plan. You obviously have done your homework and are closer to riches than you can imagine. Beware however that you have just shown your idea to the world so you better get started before too many others also go with this idea. But honestly I am just amazed at some of your ideas. This is gonna be big. Please keep up updated on your progress!
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    your welcome for your kindness. i will defintelr keep you posted on my success to riches.

    money is money, whether it is a service woman or a working professional.

    im just asking about the legalities of this
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    any thoughts?
  5. ........the streets are paved with gold....................:cool:
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    I have a cousin who has been involved in selling merchandise of sorts on Craigslist for some time. I'd have to tell you that most of the girls don't have the money, the pimps do, and if you lose the pimps money he is likely to kill you, no matter how hard you try to inform him of the risks. Seems like a pretty high risk and low reward operation to me.