Forming a CPO

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by vwgolfer, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. vwgolfer


    I am looking for advice on forming my own CPO (commodities pool operator).

    Usually, what business structure would you use to form something like this?

    And, how do you go about creating the disclosure document?

  2. MGJ


    What books and/or websites have you already read?
  3. I'm going to send you via PM the email address of the lady I use for all futures related compliance stuff. She can give you an overview of what's needed and connect you with people that can create documents and filings you need based on the level of your requirements. If you're looking for straight forward CPO and CTA documents, she'll put you in touch with lower cost resources. If you need anything other than straightforward documents she'll set you up with higher level (and costlier) resources. She's a real nice lady and will most likely talk to you for free if you're serious - if you do set up your CPO/CTA with her resources, consider returning the favor to her by outsourcing your compliance functions to her (she's very very good at it).

  4. vwgolfer


    I have reading the Series 3 book to take the test soon because from my understanding I need this license to form my CPO.

    Thank you for the information on that lady. I emailed here and I'll see what she saids and let you know.